Biliary Atresia Awareness

IMG_7088December 1st is Biliary Atresia Awareness Day. A day I never thought I’d know.

We are blessed to be part of a very loving liver family. They have welcomed us in without question. They have cried with us and celebrated with us. Each has their own story to tell; each story is unique and equally amazing. Some are in the middle of their journey and others, like us, are at the beginning. I wish that I could tell everyone of all the wonderful people we’ve met and the incredible stories we’ve heard and the amazing miracles we’ve seen. But there just aren’t words.

So to honor our little warrior Beckett and all those who are currently living with Biliary Atresia or have a child with BA or have experienced loss because of BA, we ask that on Monday December 1st, you wear either yellow for liver disease or green for organ donation. Post a picture. Hashtag #loveyabeckett and #biliaryatresia and #organdonation. Help us spread the word. Help us raise awareness!


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