Beckett’s Diagnosis Confirmed – Day 3

We slept much better that night. I got at least 5-6 hours. Once about 5 am hit, we were up. Because they did a liver biopsy the previous day, it was going to take a day or two before we would get those results. They told us that we would be able to be released for the weekend and then we would come back on Monday for the surgery. When the doctors did their rounds, they came and talked with us again. They said that so far based on the x-ray, echo and the initial results that they could see with the biopsy, that things were pointing to Biliary Atresia. The chest x-ray showed no butterflying of the discs in the spine. The heart murmur is a typical newborn murmur that a lot of kids have. And the liver looks fairly damaged but not so bad that it absolutely pointed to BA. But again nothing was confirmed. Dr. Book still wanted the eye exam to further rule out Alagille’s.

The eye doctor came and did a quick glance and said that his eyes looked good. Then he put drops in to dilate the eyes and used these horrible metal clamps to keep his eyelids open to be able to see in the back of the eye. His eyes showed no markers of Alagille’s. Deep down we knew they wouldn’t either.

At this point it was pretty much confirmed, Beckett had Biliary Atresia and the surgery for Monday was now imminent.

Written by: Kimber


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